Air Filtration solutions


AAF|Flanders, is a global leader in the Air Filtration business, for Industrial as well as Commercial segments, and serving clients for almost 100 years. 

The solutions and products cover the full spectrum of Industrial and Commercial HVAC filtration requirements, including Health Care, Oil & Gas, Clean Rooms, Semi Conductor, Pulp & Paper, Hotels, Museums, Commercial Building, etc. 

The various solutions offered are  Inertial Air Filters for Fresh Air intake, Electrostatic Filtration Units, Automatic Roll Filters, Laminar Flow HEPA housings, Clean Rooms, Bag-in Bag-Out Housings, Inline Ducted HEPA housings, Terminal Fan Filter Units, Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Units / Ecology Units, Smoking Room Filtration Solutions, Fresh Air Intake Units along and Chemical Filtration for hazardous air zones.