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DYNAIR® is a brand-division of Maico Italia SpA with a consolidated experience in infrastructure and industrial ventilation projects  in Italy, Europe along with a world-wide presence.

Dynair product portfolio consists of over 45 series of standard industrial fans and of an important range of high-spec ventilation fans: ranging from Toilet extract to Staircase Pressurization, Car park Ventilation to units designed to operate in extreme or dangerous conditions such as explosive atmosphere (94/9/CE-ATEX certification), high temperature blowers for continuous service or for fire smoke exhausting (conforming with the European norm EN 12101-3) and anticorrosive plastic fans.


Olefini Air Curtains serve as a boundary between indoor and outdoor area. They act as a closed door and prevent intrusion of external hot, cold or impure air. They are designed to maintain required room climate and to save energy. All units come either as simple or heated (Electrically or with Hot Water) and most of them can also stand vertically, if ordered in advance. Additionally most of the units incorporate filters for cleaning the supplied air.

Olefini Air Curtains stand out for Slim design, simple mounting, high durability and powerful airflow. Most widespread is the classification of air curtains by the size of protected opening and installation type. Air curtains are divided into 3 Major Families:

•     Air curtains suitable for door height up to 3 meters

•     Air curtains suitable for door height up to 4 meters

•     Air curtains suitable for door height up to 8 meters


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