Engineering Services

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Engaged in engineering, design and drafting of HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Suppression, and Electrical Systems & Shop Drawings. We specialize in the preparation of 3D models for  MEP Engineering using BIM (Autodesk Revit) & Autocad Fabrication Cad MEP (CADDUCT). We are the leading solution providers of engineering designs and shop drawings for many major companies in the Gulf region and have been doing this for over 9 years in MEP Engineering. We have successfully completed more than 30,000 shop drawings across all Mechanical and Electrical Services segments.


Our team has grown to become one of the most comprehensive entity for Design and Management practices in Qatar. We are one of the few firms in Qatar known for delivering strong and coordinated multi-disciplinary services in the construction industry in addition to offering engineering design services with excellence and perfection.

Mechanical Design Calculation

  • Heating/Cooling Load Calculations

  • External Static Pressure (ESP) Calculations

  • Pump Head Calculations

  • Pressurization for Lobby & Staircase

  • Fire Hydraulic Calculations

  • Psychometric Analysis

  • CFD Analysis

Electrical Design Calculation

  • Short Circuit Calculations

  • Lighting Luminance Calculations

  • Battery Capacity Calculations

  • Lightning Protection & Earthing Calculations

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Our BIM-MEP modelling team produces well-coordinated, clash free, efficient design and construction documents through 3D BIM MEP Models with the coordination of Architectural and Structural elements during the design and pre construction processes that help in avoiding errors, delays in construction projects besides significant  increase in cost savings. Our clients have reported cost savings of 10% to 20% by implementing BIM 3D MEP modelling alone. 

Our 3D MEP coordinated services support to produce well- coordinated building services (MEP) drawings for MEP consulting engineers and MEP building services contractors. Using Autodesk MEP Revit & Fabrication CAD MEP, we produce 3D CAD models. These models have parametric data and are useful for ongoing design changes. By making changes to the data they are reflected throughout the model and all associated drawings.

By providing a BIM-MEP 3D model, we are able to offer several advantages to our clients:

  • BIM - MEP 3D model allows clients to create and examine virtual representations of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems, and other utilities of their project,

  • BIM- MEP 3D model allows clients to create and examine virtual representations of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems, and other utilities of their project

  • The BIM MEP Model can be used to generate accurate shop drawings and address any or all design issues before construction begins.

  • The BIM MEP Model enables us to ensure that there are no clashes between the MEP services and other factors such as the Architectural and Structural factors.

  • Prevents site based disputes as well as services that have already been coordinated

  • Allows any number of views, sections and detailed drawings to be produced easily & quickly

  • Pre fabrication technology in building services (MEP) helps MEP contractors save money, time and enhances quality. 3D technology allows accurate module drawings to do pre- fabrication engineering.


Preparation of MEP shop drawings and getting it approved are one of the
major challenges that contractors face. MEP Shop Drawing is one of our
core areas of expertise. We house a team of highly qualified engineers and
draftsman to help prepare shop drawings as per the client’s requirements.
We act as the Drawing Support Service provider for consultants, main
contractors and MEP contractors. We study and execute our drawings with
proper analysis. Our teams raise RFI’s to support the clients in avoiding
uncertainties and ensuring the overall good health of the project.

We provide superior quality, time and cost effective Computer Aided
Design & Drafting (CADD) Services and shop drawings for the following
services of MEP & Infrastructure domains.


Electrical Engineering

  • Lighting & Emergency Lighting

  • Small Power & Containment

  • Fire Alarm System

  • Earthing & Lightning Protection

  • Security Systems

  • Building Management System

  • SMATV System

Mechanical Engineering

  • HVAC System

  • Domestic Water System

  • Fire Protection

  • Drainage System


Process piping and power piping are typically checked to verify that the
routing, nozzle loads, hangers, and supports are properly placed and
selected such that allowable pipe stress is not exceeded under different
loads like the sustained, operating and pressure testing loads as stipulated
by the ASME B31, EN 13480 or any other applicable codes and standards.

It is necessary to evaluate the mechanical behaviour of the piping under
regular loads (internal pressure and thermal stresses) as well as under
occasional and intermittent loading cases such as an earthquake, high wind
or special vibration, and water hammer.

This evaluation is usually performed with the assistance of a specialized
pipe stress analysis softwares such as CAEPIPE and CAESAR.




  • Application work to support sales and increase market reach

  • Review of BOQ, schedules and project technical specifications

  • Analyse and optimise the technical selections with respect to project schedules and specifications

  • Preparation of optimized selections, offers and proposed schedulesready to be sent to the market


  • Pared down client’s overall costs by as much as 30%

  • Reduced implementation timelines and hence quicker turnaround time to help reach the market faster

  • Enabled client’s in-house team engineers to focus on more critical business tasks.

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